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“belonging to or occurring in the present”

CDA employs young and energetic staff that are CURRENTLY in the dance world.  Teachers bring their current connections from all over the country in order to expand our dancers knowledge and exposure.

Dance Instructors

Brielle Oakes: Owner/Director

Brielle Oaks

Brielle grew up in Parker, Colorado and started dancing at the age of 5 at a studio called Parker Dance. By the time she was 9 years old, she was accepted in to the pre professional ballet program at International Ballet School in Littleton. Here she fell in love with Ballet and trained 6 days a week, over 4 hours a night. Although her social life had to be put on hold due to the constant training, she didn’t mind because all she wanted to do was dance. During her time at International Ballet School she competed in competitions such as the Denver Ballet Guild, and Youth American Grand Prix placing every year and even went to nationals in New York to compete among the elite from all over the world. She was given lead roles such as Clara in the Nutcracker at age 12 and worked her way up to the Sugar Plum Fairy by the age of 16.

Brielle trained with the American Ballet Theatre in New York for 3 consecutive summers. She was chosen as a soloist of her level in two of the final performances and had the opportunity to meet and take class from some of the most well known dancers and teachers in the country. At the age of 17, she decided to switch gears and joined the company of Michelle Latimer Dance Academy. Here she realized that the dance world wasn’t just all Ballet and formed a passion for other types of dance such as contemporary and lyrical. Many of her colleagues and fellow dancers from this studio have been seen on shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, Fame, High School Musical etc. Brielle competed with them for one season until it was time to head off to CSU for college.

Brielle is a 2013 graduate of Colorado State University and was on scholarship as a Dance Major with a Business Administration Minor and has been blessed with the opportunity to not only study ballet and modern, but also things such as pedagogy, choreography, costume construction, Improvisation and more. Brielle also had the opportunity to be a back up dancer for Weird Al Yankovic in April 2013. Although she has been teaching classes?here and there all throughout her dancing career, it was during her Pedagogical training at CSU where she truly found a passion for it. She not only finds joy from being on stage, but also in inspiring others just like she was, and sharing her love and knowledge of dance. She has been teaching at Contemporary Dance Academy since 2012 and took over ownership in August of 2013. With a Dance Major and a Business Minor,?Brielle dreamed of opening her own studio one day and feels blessed to wake up every day and do what she loves. She is inspired each and every day by her students and is so excited for what the future holds.

Previous Training:
Parker Dance (Parker, CO) 
International Ballet School (Littleton, CO)
American Ballet Theatre (New York City)
Michelle Latimer Dance Academy (Greenwood Village, CO)
Colorado State University Division of Dance (Fort Collins, CO)

Michelle Stovall: Assistant Director, Performance Team & Company DirectorMichelle-Stovall

After several years of experimenting with gymnastics and tumbling, Michelle found a passion in dance, at the age of eight. Her passion quickly transformed into a love for competition and performance while taking classes at Taps N’ Toes Dance Academy in Broomfield, CO. With a desire to train more seriously and compete at a higher level, Michelle found a home at Elite Dance Academy’s competitive Company. This allowed her regular opportunities to compete at the state-level, as well as participate in national competitions across the country, in cities such as Orlando and Las Vegas.

Her freshman year in high school, Michelle earned a spot on the Broomfield High School Poms Squad. This experience encouraged her to train more seriously in the studio-dance world, which allowed for a more in-depth study of Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary. Throughout her high school career, Michelle attended numerous nationally-recognized dance conventions and competitions where she had the privilege to study under world-renowned choreographers, such as Travis Wall, Mandy Moore, Nick Lazzarini, Doug Caldwell, Stacey Tookey and many more.

Michelle’s hard work paid off when, at 17-years-old, she became a member of a highly sought after pre-professional dance team called “Dream Project.” The team put on full-length productions and donated the profits from their shows to local charities. Being apart of “Dream Project” gave Michelle the opportunity to work with amazing Colorado-based choreographers including: Michelle Latimer, Missy Morelli, Sarah Schachterle, Tara Cluck and many more. The next two years of her life would be dedicated to this venture.

While fostering her own career as a dancer, Michelle discovered an unrealized passion for teaching and dance education. In 2009, she began instructing Hip-Hop, Jazz, Lyrical and Ballet classes at Elite Dance Academy. Teaching allowed her the amazing opportunity to share her love of dance with children. After moving to Fort Collins, Michelle began teaching at Contemporary Dance Academy, in 2011.

In May of 2014, Michelle graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with concentrations in Finance and Organization and Innovation Management, as well as a Certificate in Entrepreneurship.

As Assistant Director, as well as Performance Team & Company Director, Michelle is thrilled to help dancers at Contemporary Dance Academy grow and blossom. Michelle looks forward to engaging with each and every student, in hopes of developing each dancer to reach his or her full potential.

Bri Kilbourne

Bri Kilbourne has been studying dance since she was eight years old and has practiced over 10 different styles of dance. After attending Dance Unlimited, Bri found her niche at Barbara Ellis Studio of Dance in Colorado Springs. She performed in shows and multiple dance competitions such as Talent on Parade, Fluid, and Pulse. She has also taken numerous master classes from highly renowned modern choreographers such as Scott Benson, Suzanne Dirscherl, Suavé ConnXion, and others. As a student, Bri has learned and performed professional variations and Broadway choreography pieces such as Don Quixote, West Side Story, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and Giselle. Most recently, Bri had the privilege of playing the role of the Arabian in CDA’s 2013 production of Clara and the Nutcracker. Bri’s love for sharing her passion of dance through teaching began in high school when she taught dance lessons to middle school students. She choreographed several pieces for both the middle school students and fellow peers in dance lessons. Once she began attending CSU, she found a home at CDA assisting in teaching Tiny Tots. The following year, Bri began teaching classes and absolutely fell in love with it. As a teacher, Bri strongly believes in maintaining a positive and highly encouraging environment filled with imagination. To her, there is no greater job than sharing her love of dance with the inspiring future generation of dancers.

Brian Bender- Ballet

Ariana Lara – Hip Hop

Madison August

Aimee Vlchek

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