May 23, 2014



Contemporary Dance Academy Beauty and the Beast Survival Guide

Beauty and the Beast Monday, June 2nd
Dancers in Act 1
Advanced and Characters: Call Time @ 3:30pm
Volunteers: Call Time @ 5:00pm
Tiny Tots-Level 5: Call Time @ 5:15pm

Dancers in Act 2
Tiny Tots- Level 5: Call Time @ 5:30pm

Show Information:  This years production of Beauty and the Beast will be held at The Lincoln Center Performance Hall on Monday, June 2nd at 6PM.  The Lincoln Center is located at 417 W. Magnolia Fort Collins, CO.  The show is approximately an hour and a half long and will feature beautiful dancers from all levels and ages from CDA.

Tickets: Tickets for the show are available to purchase now by visiting The Lincoln Center Box Office, calling (970) 221-6730, or online at  It is assigned seating and tickets are $15 each and $13 for seniors and children under 12.  The show name is Contemporary Dance Academy Presents: Beauty and the Beast.

Check In:  All dancers in ACT 1 of Beauty and the Beast should arrive at the theater at 5:15PM and check in at the backstage door outside the Founders Room.  Dancers are to arrive in costume with hair and make-up done.   If a dancer has a costume change please make sure all of their dance items are labeled.

Dancers in Act 1: ARRIVAL AT 5:15PM
Roses- Ballet 1
Village Girls- Ballet 5
To The Fair- Ballet 2
Maurice Solo
Character Dance
Candles- Ballet 3A
Clocks- Ballet/Jazz 2, Jazz 2, Jazz/Lyrical 4
Teacups- Tiny Tots 2-3
Feather Dusters- Ballet 5B
I need your love- Jazz/Lyrical 4B
Beauty and a Beat- Jazz/Lyrical
Beauty and the Beast Remix
Be Our Guest- Tiny Tots 4-5 Sat, Advanced

All dancers in ACT 2 of Beauty and the Beast should arrive at the theater at 5:30 PM and check in at the backstage door.  Dancers are to arrive in costume with hair and make-up done.   If a dancer has a costume change please make sure all of their dance items are labeled.

Dancers in Act 2:  ARRIVAL AT 5:30PM
Roses 2- Ballet/Jazz 1 Mon
West Wing- Ballet Technique
Mirrors- Advanced
Wolves- Jazz/Lyrical 5
Say Something- Advanced
Library Scene- Jazz/Lyrical Technique
Something There- Ballet 4B
Beauty and the Beast- Ballet/Jazz 1 Sat
Hot, Hot, Hot- Tiny Tots 3-4
Attack on the Castle- Advanced
Transformation- Ballet 3B, Ballet 4A

Pick up:  All dancers are to remain backstage for the entirety of the show (with the exception of the 2-3 year old teacups who can be picked up at intermission).  We will have movies playing, and things to do while they wait, but we feel as though with the limited amount of volunteers, this is the safest way to make sure we know where our dancers are at all times. Dancers may be checked out at the Founders Room door immediately after the show.

Back Stage Volunteers:  We have very few volunteers signed up for the Beauty and the Beast production.  It is very important to us that your child has a safe and positive experience at the theater.  For this reason, we would love if we could have a volunteer for each class.   Volunteers will be able to watch from the stage and they DO NOT need to buy a ticket.  We know everyone enjoys watching from the audience, but would appreciate any help we can get.  Volunteers that are signed up should arrive to the theatre at 5:00 for briefing on protocol and class assignments.

Costumes:  Please check the email we sent out on Thursday, May 22nd with the costume info.  This will list all of the things your dancers need and all of the parts of their costume.  Be sure to label all dance shoes and leotards with names in case things are misplaced.  All dancers Tiny Tots to Level 5 should come IN COSTUME with hair and make-up ready.

Make-up:  Make-up is worn so the dancers don’t look washed out and invisible under the stage lights.  A tinted lip gloss and light pink blush is all dancers ages 2-5 need.  Please no mascara.  Dancers 5+ should wear foundation, light brown eye shadow, pink blush, mascara (eyelashes for dancers 12+), black eyeliner, and a cherry red lipstick.  Just like Nutcracker, use your best judgment.  If your dancers eyes get irritated or there is no room for eyeshadow then don’t try to use it.  Please do not send any make-up backstage with the dancers.

Registration Questions for Fall and Summer: Registration does not carry over from year to year.  You must log back onto the account you created and select your new classes.  Registration will open up Friday, June 6th.  Dancers should have received their recreational placement at parent observations.  If you have any questions or have forgotten your password please email the office at

We are so excited for yet another successful show and thank each and every one of you for being a part of it.  Here at CDA, we are nothing without our wonderful students and we couldn’t do it without your continued support.  We are so excited about the future and hope you will all continue this journey with us of inspiring dancers for years to come.

Brielle Oakes

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