Studio Information

Contemporary Dance Academy, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, is dedicated to training dancers and performers in a positive structured environment. The central philosophy of CDA is to offer the best training available to each and every student, whether he or she desires to pursue a professional career or not.  Every child is an individual and we are dedicated to helping him or her find the dancer within.

Contemporary Dance Academy offers dance classes for all ages.  We begin teaching children to understand and enjoy movement at the age of two. Students gain immeasurably from having studied with Polly Creer Sutton by developing self-motivation, self-discipline, poise, grace, self expression, and an appreciation for the arts, which they carry with them throughout their lives.

What Makes Us Different

  • Yearly rotating curriculum to maximize training in all styles so that more time can be spent outside the studio
  • Qualified faculty for all levels
  • Classes that focus on mentoring and non-competitive performances
  • Online Registration and current information for each student
  • Automatic payment system
  • Faculty with degrees in dance and education
  • Faculty with professional dance experience
  • Connections to dance programs at highly ranked universities
  • Master teachers currently working in the industry

Mission Statement

Rather than restrict, limit or inhibit a teacher choreographically and creatively [as strict adherence to syllabus teaching can do], our approach expands a teacher’s ability to create classes that are challenging and motivating for the student; classes that are truly movement focused rather than picture and pose based. This approach places emphasis on the individual student helping them achieve their personal best.

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